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Reduces risk

Non-compliant team members can potentially expose your business to fines, penalties and serious legal issues. Don’t take the risk. iComply reduces your exposure by providing instant, reliable information on the compliance of every member of your workforce. We help you achieve full workforce compliance for a more secure, profitable operation.

Automates workflows

Old-fashioned compliance systems are cumbersome, time-consuming and take staff away from other essential duties. iComply automates the various processes related to compliance, freeing up administrative staff and reducing reliance on calendars and manual handling. The system can be set to automatically alert you and staff members about current and potential non-compliance, providing a set-and-forget solution.

Streamlines validation

Many industries require a wide range of permissions and licences in order for staff to be compliant. iComply links you to the full range of official databases, including those for vehicle registration, driver licences, passports and visas, company registration, Medicare, and more. Our control panel enables you to see each staff member’s status at a single glance.

Keeps data safe

Your compliance data is valuable and needs to be carefully safeguarded. We protect your sensitive details and those of your workforce using high-level encryption and cloud-hosting within the Australian region. Our stringent security practices mean you can be assured your data is receiving the ultimate level of protection.

Reduces lag (API talk)

With manual systems, it can take days, weeks and even months before you become aware of changes to a staff member’s compliance status. iComply provides updates on the status of all members of your workforce thanks to sophisticated APIs linking you to key databases. This enables you to make an informed, accurate decision on whether an individual is clear to work.

Simplifies HR management

You likely manage a large, diverse workforce. iComply brings together staff member data in an easy-to-read control panel. You can instantly view not only each employee’s compliance level but key personal information, too, simplifying administration. The system can also be seamlessly linked to your overarching HR system.

Makes push notifications easy

Staff members download the iComply app onto the phones they carry with them while at work. The system makes it easy to send through automated push notifications, informing them if they are at risk of non-compliance. You can also send through details of toolbox talks, requirements for vehicle checks, and compulsory educational materials, such as OH&S films.

Scalable to your needs

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from iComply, from small subcontractors managing a handful of drivers right through to transnational and multinational companies coordinating staff and contractors. The system is nimble enough to be scaled up or down depending on the user, while still delivering the same great features.

Future proof

Your compliance needs aren’t necessarily static. Over time, you may need to add new compliance areas or take away old ones. Our structured, modular approach makes it easy customise your iComply portal right to your precise requirements and then adjust it over time as your needs change.

Right for your budget

In the event of an accident or surprise inspection, a breach of compliance can be very costly. From just a few dollars a day, iComply helps protect your revenue stream and your business and provides peace of mind.

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Terry Cox, Manager at FNET Distribution Pty Ltd