Simple, affordable compliance management, no matter what your industry

iComply’s flexible, modular structure means it can be easily tailored to any sector where compliance management is needed. Simply choose the credential areas in which your workforce needs to be compliant and we will structure an easy-to-manage solution to meet your needs.

How iComply works

For business owners

  • Sign up and choose the required compliance areas. 
  • Visit the control panel and invite staff members to download the iComply app. 
  • See at glance each staff member’s compliance status, including any gaps 
  • Use push notifications to encourage compliance and for ongoing education.

For staff and contractors

  • Download the app to your phone.
  • Complete the compliance declaration form.
  • Instantly see your compliance status, including any gaps to address.
  • Watch out for reminders about your credentials and for updates from your employer.

Reducing the burden on staff with transferable E_ID

As iComply continues to grow, freelance staff members may find themselves working for multiple employers who use the system. Our electronic ID (E_ID) system allows such employees to take their iComply details with them when they switch between employers and contracts, reducing the paperwork burden for all parties involved.

Let’s start the conversation

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Proven performance in multiple industries


Fully compliant drivers are critical for businesses delivering freight, mail and packages. iComply helps you ensure that team members have valid licences, registration and work permissions and are fully credentialled to be on the road. The system enables the use of OCR technology to undertake vehicle checks and to keep your fleet safe.


Compliance in the healthcare sector can make the difference between life and death. We help you to ensure that staff members have the training and certification needed for the duties they currently perform. Connection to registration databases ensures that staff profiles are quickly updated once further training is completed.


Few sectors are as tightly regulated as mining. iComply helps you keep track of the multiple licences and accreditations need for safe, efficient and profitable operation. The system can be tailored to provide instant updates from mining department databases and early warning of license renewal and expiry dates.

Any industry with compliance requirements

Government regulators are increasing the burden of compliance on companies in all sectors, making compliance management increasingly important for doing business. iComply frees your staff from manual compliance management tasks, boosting both the reliability and efficiency of the process.