100% workplace compliance. One clever platform.

Never worry about compliance again with iComply’s simple-to-use, cloud-based platform for transport, health, mining and more. Instantly, check the status of your entire workforce!

An easy-to-use control panel for employers

  • Single screen overview
  • Real-time verification for driver’s license
  • Instantly see the status of each staff member’s credentials, including vehicle registration, visa and passport
  • Notification of non-compliance and pending non-compliance
  • Suitable for sectors including transport, health, mining and many more

And a simple, intuitive app for staff and contractors

  • Allows team members to on-board in less than 15 minutes
  • Users instantly see whether they are compliant or have gaps to work on
  • Prompts sent when credentials are set to expire
  • Can be used for daily toolbox chats and ongoing education

How iComply helps your business

Reduces risk

Helps you achieve full workforce compliance for a secure, profitable operation.

Streamlines validation

Links instantly to key official databases managing registration, licences, visas, vaccinations and more.

Automates workflows

Significantly reduces the need for compliance administration and manual handling.

Keeps data safe

High-level encryption and Australian cloud-hosting protect you and your workforce.

Simplifies HR

View staff details and compliance levels in one simple control panel.

Provides APIs

Our APIs let you integrate with your existing business software systems

Makes push notifications easy

Warn staff about expiring credentials and send through educational material.

Scalable to your needs

Suitable for small subcontractors right through to government and major companies.

Future proof

Modular structure makes it easy to add or remove compliance areas as needed.

Our pricing

Tailored and affordable

Non-compliance can be costly. iComply is not. Our tailored solutions for tracking and managing compliance help you to affordably reduce your exposure to risk and achieve full compliance. Ask us to provide an estimate for your business.

With iComply, we instantly know if a contractor is no longer compliant, and we can take action.That provides us with real peace of mind.

Terry Cox, Manager at FNET Distribution Pty Ltd

Some of our clients