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Protect your workforce and your bottom line. The iComply stand down report is the first thing that operational line managers check each morning. New legal verification issues and outstanding non-compliance tasks are no longer confined to spreadsheets and admin staff. Know where your risk is in real time.


iComply is an ISO27001 compliant platform.

Not only is the iComply platform compliant and audited against the Information Security Management standard, but our identity and workforce verification software is compliant with the following standards:

ISO 9001
Quality Management Policy

ISO 14001
Environmental Management Policy

ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety

How we do it

Features List

Document Upload

Users upload images (or scans) and input details of their driver’s licence, vehicle registration, passport, work visa, vehicle insurance, Australian Business Number (ABN) and Medicare card and Police Checks.

Document Verification

The website verifies the authenticity and validity of uploaded documents through advanced algorithms and cross-referencing government databases (DVS).

Compliance Check

The system checks whether the uploaded documents comply with the legal requirements and regulations of the relevant authorities.

Real-time Validation

Provides real-time validation results ( < 1 second response times), indicating whether the uploaded documents are valid or not.

Document Status Tracking

Users can track the status of their document verification process through their account dashboard.

Notification System

Sends notifications to users regarding reminders on the status of their document validation, including any discrepancies or issues that need attention.

Data Security

ISO/IEC27001 – Ensures the security and privacy of user data and documents through encryption and secure storage protocols.

Comprehensive Reports

Generates detailed reports for both users and administrators, summarising the validation status of each document.

Customisable Rules Engine

Allows administrators to customise validation rules based on specific requirements and regulatory standards.

Integration Capabilities

Offers integration with existing systems or third-party platforms for seamless document validation processes.

Multi-language Support

Supports multiple languages to cater to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

User Management

Provides administrative tools for managing user accounts, permissions, and access levels.

Audit Trail

Maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all document validation activities for compliance and accountability purposes.

Customer Support

Offers robust customer support channels, including live chat, email support, and a knowledge base, to assist users with any inquiries or issues.


Designed to scale efficiently to accommodate a growing user base and increasing document validation demands.

Regulatory Updates

Automatically updates validation algorithms and rulesets in response to changes in regulations or compliance standards.

Mobile Accessibility

Ensures accessibility and functionality across various devices, including desktops, mobile phones and tablet style devices.

Contract Management

Upload legal documents and send to your workers for real-time electronic signature. Our comprehensive dashboard will show you who has received contracts, who has signed and who is incomplete. iComply offers the ultimate in contract management capabilities.