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iComply’s flexible, modular structure means it can be easily tailored to any sector where compliance management is needed.


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CEO & Founder

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Software Engineer

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Customer Success

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Customer Success

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Account Manager

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Simple, beautiful easy to use compliance software

Simply choose the credential areas in which your workforce needs to be compliant and we will structure an easy-to-manage solution to meet your needs.

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No more work

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For business owners

  • Sign up and choose the required compliance areas.
  • Visit the control panel and invite staff members to download the iComply app.
  • See at glance each staff member’s compliance status, including any gaps.
  • Use push notifications to encourage compliance and for ongoing education.

For staff and contractors

  • Download the app to your phone.
  • Complete the compliance declaration form.
  • Instantly see your compliance status, including any gaps to address.
  • Watch out for reminders about your credentials and for updates from your employer.

Transferable E_ID

As iComply continues to grow, freelance staff members may find themselves working for multiple employers who use the system. Our electronic ID (E_ID) system allows such employees to take their iComply details with them when they switch between employers and contracts, reducing the paperwork burden for all parties involved.